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General description

Acidifier is the perfect fusion of various acids and their calcium salts, which is specially designed based on the physiological characteristics and daily diets of suckling piglets to provide an ultimate solution for completely solving the problem of high β-value in daily diets.

Packaging, storage and appearance

Product features: compound acid + calcium

1. Compound acid with a total acid content over 70%.

2. Nutritional calcium with 21% - 24% of effective calcium for equal amount replacement of limestone in daily diets.

3. Secretion factor of gastrin contained to regulate the yield of stomach acid.

4. No negative effect on the feed palatability, less decay and easy application.

Product function:

1. Reduce daily diets b-value and shorten the time of feed acidification in the stomach.

2. Gradually release hydrogen ion to supplement the insufficient physiological secretion of gastric acid and activate pepsinogen.

3. Preserve the integrity of epithelial cells structure and function in animal intestines.

4. Improve the digestibility of nutritional substance, feed conversion rate and production performance.

3. Reduce diarrhea in young animals.

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