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General description

Cheese-Bio is produced through scientific preparation and homogenization of raw materials from the leftover materials in the processing of various cheeses and off-shelf products on the market to provide animals with high-quality protein and fat which originally are sourced from milk mostly.

Cheese-Bio is also rich in various functional peptides and short-and-medium chain fatty acid, which contributes to the direct absorption and quick supplement of the desired nutrition to the weaning pigs, especially energy, which is of great importance for the pigs in daily diets.

Cheese-Bio has excellent palatability due to its natural milk flavor and special aromas generated during the fermentation process. Besides, the fragrance features thermal stability and will not be affected during the processing, such as pelletizing, curing and puffing. Experiments have demonstrated that feeding Cheese-Bio can improve the flavor and palatability of feed to animals, increase feed intake and daily gain, and raise feed conversion rate efficiency. It is a premium ingredient for suckling piglets and weaning piglets, aquatic animals and pets.

Packaging, storage and appearance

Typical analysis:

Protein: 41.5 %

Water: 7.9%

Fat: 21.9%

Ash: 6.3%

Metabolizable energy (NRC1998): 4815Kcal/kg

Digestable energy (NRC1998): 5015Kcal/kg

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